The Fall of the Mighty Condor

To say that the “Rematch” party was a blast is an understatement. It could not have been better. THANK YOU JEREMY AND BENNETT !!!!!  Thanks to everyone for coming out, participating in all the ridiculous activities, and donating to Parisite Skatepark. Extra special thanks to: Mountain of Wizard, Dat’s grocery (LGD’s finest), Humidity skate shop, Preservation skateboards, Alex Nunez, Adam Laudun (Happy Birthday!), Leslie Breaux, Hailey @ Sailor Jerry Rum, Paul G, Jay M, and everyone who participated in the sign contest. They were all amazing !!!!   See y’all at the TIEBREAKER in 2019 !

WHoa nah !!!

Worst/Best Race Ever

This is what it sounds like... when doves cry





Doug, runner up in the sign contest

Doug, runner up in the sign contest

James wins it !!!

James wins it !!!


Mountain of Wizard

Mountain of Wizard

WTF ?????

WTF ?????

Kill 'em All !

Crushing all deceivers, Mashing non-believers

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The pre- ” Rematch ” Interviews

With all the hype and excitement about the big race, we decided to ask a few people what they thought. You may be surprised what people are saying… here’s the word on the streets.

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Get Ready to Party !

Y’all don’t forget about the “Rematch” party Sunday August the 25th. We just recieved this Top Secret captured footage of Jeremy Justice deploying his “SECRET WEAPON” Bennett Bartley is no match for the unbelievable speed of Jeremy Justice and this video proves it ! Enjoy

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The Rematch !!!!

    What ?  Rematch ?    If you know, your excited. If you don’t… you will be. Back on May 2nd, 2007, there was a legendary race.  A skateboard race.  Why ? Thats stupid ? Who races skateboards ? Why in the world would I be excited about this ? Well… because it involves Eyecandy’s very own tattooer Jeremy Justice aka “JMFJ”, “Mr. Justice”, “Superman”… , and his best friend, Mountain of Wizard‘s Bennett Bartley, aka “Mongo”, “The Bartley Bag”, “Poopiepants”, “Poops”…
    It all started with a little shit talking. Bennett was complaining to Jeremy about not skating anymore and saying that Jeremy was slippin. Jeremy basically laughed saying he could skate circles around him. So Bennett challenged him to a race. Race one full block of magazine street in front of Eyecandy. The winner gets 10 bucks. Ha ! Then they decided to up the ante. The winner would tattoo, his own name… “Rules” on the loser.  Whoa.  Bennett isn’t even a tattooer ! Haha !! This is when it got exciting. They were gonna race then and there but fortunately for all of us they set it up for 2:00 the next day. Thanks to the introweb and MySpace, (yes this is 2007) the word got out.
    This was easily one of the greatest moments in the LGD History and lucky for all of us they have agreed to a rematch.
    The rematch will be Sunday August 25th 2013 at 4:20 pm.   As usual we will have beer and food. Following the race, music by ” Mountain of Wizard “. There will be a ” Betting Pool ” and a ” Best Sign ” contest for the race. Winner of the pool takes half the $, the other half will go to Parisite (New Orleans DIY skatepark). The winner of the best sign contest (judged by the Eyecandy crew), will win a FREE tattoo from Eyecandy. Again, the loser of the race will have the winner tattoo their name “Rules” on the loser. Also the loser will be subject to a spectator water balloon firing squad ! This is gonna be awesome !!!!!  Party starts at 3:00 so come early to place your bets !!!!! Don’t forget to make a sign.
This is an excellent example of an amazing sign. A butt, with a JMFJ tattoo on it. The rules of the sign contest are.. there are no rules. Have fun with it. Can't wait to see what y'all come up with !

This is an excellent example of an amazing sign. A butt, with a JMFJ tattoo on it. The rules of the sign contest are… there are no rules. Have fun with it. Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with !

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Jeremy Justice gallery

Just added some gallerys of Jeremy’s work. check em out !



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Eyecandy Field Trip

eyecandytattoo disneyworld

The Lucky’s Tattoo Museum was the inspiration for the whole “field trip” idea. After visiting a few times and trying to describe the overwhelming enormity of it, I realized everyone just had to see it for themselves…

new orleans tattoo

Chris is Amped !!!!!!!

duck dynasty

Is this Eyecandy or Duck Dynasty ?



A picture is worth a thousand words ? Even if we took a million photos … Or compiled a five thousand page list of what is there, who made this machine, painted this, artists names, how old it is, bla bla bla… it would never do it justice. We really can’t say enough good stuff about the museum, the machine/supply shop, Jimmy, or Lucky’s staff in general. If ever you are anywhere near Tampa, make it happen. Or like us… Go specifically to see the museum. You will thank us later.



You can’t be an hour from Disney and just not go. Too much fun !!!!

new orleans tattoo shop visits disney

eyecandytattoo disneyworld

new orleans tattoo slash mountain

 eyecandy new orleans tattoo

 eyecandy new orleans tattoo

 eyecandy new orleans tattoo

 eyecandy new orleans tattoo

 eyecandy new orleans tattoo

star wars week at disney

So it ended up the week we picked to go to Lucky’s, was Star Wars week at Disney. Lagniappe !!!

randy muller tattop

star wars tattoo

Spaceballs ?

michal bogle star wars tattoo

randy muller tattop

 eyecandy new orleans tattoo

We saw this car at a gas station outside Disney. The people had no idea their shoe polish window art had been victim to a vandal. Pure genius ! They just carved a bit of Mickey’s belly off, left a little bump for his tallywacker, then smeared some polish off the castle in a faint ark of mouse pee… voila !!!

 eyecandy new orleans tattoo

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