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Yes it’s party time again ! I know I know. Come check out HOT 8 brass band and Mardi Gras Indians Fiyiyi & the Mandingo Warriors. Gonna be an amazing night.

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Yes, We actually do tattoos

So some people have looked at our website and commented… man y’all are always on vacation, or having parties… ” Do you actually even do tattoos ? ” Yes we are having a good time over here but…  We actually

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The Fall of the Mighty Condor

To say that the “Rematch” party was a blast is an understatement. It could not have been better. THANK YOU JEREMY AND BENNETT !!!!!  Thanks to everyone for coming out, participating in all the ridiculous activities, and donating to Parisite

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The pre- ” Rematch ” Interviews

With all the hype and excitement about the big race, we decided to ask a few people what they thought. You may be surprised what people are saying… here’s the word on the streets.

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Get Ready to Party !

Y’all don’t forget about the “Rematch” party Sunday August the 25th. We just recieved this Top Secret captured footage of Jeremy Justice deploying his “SECRET WEAPON” Bennett Bartley is no match for the unbelievable speed of Jeremy Justice and this

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The Rematch !!!!

    What ?  Rematch ?    If you know, your excited. If you don’t… you will be. Back on May 2nd, 2007, there was a legendary race.  A skateboard race.  Why ? Thats stupid ? Who races skateboards ?

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