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The Fall of the Mighty Condor

To say that the “Rematch” party was a blast is an understatement. It could not have been better. THANK YOU JEREMY AND BENNETT !!!!!  Thanks to everyone for coming out, participating in all the ridiculous activities, and donating to Parisite Skatepark. Extra special thanks to: Mountain of Wizard, Dat’s grocery (LGD’s finest), Humidity skate shop, Preservation skateboards, Alex Nunez, Adam Laudun (Happy Birthday!), Leslie Breaux, Hailey @ Sailor Jerry Rum, Paul G, Jay M, and everyone who participated in the sign contest. They were all amazing !!!!   See y’all at the TIEBREAKER in 2019 !

Worst/Best Race Ever


Doug, runner up in the sign contest

James wins it !!!

Mountain of Wizard

WTF ?????

Crushing all deceivers, Mashing non-believers