((( EYECANDY TATTOO ))) new orleans tattooing / Randy Muller / Michael Bogle / Chris Black / Jeremy Justice

Eyecandy Field Trip

The Lucky’s Tattoo Museum was the inspiration for the whole “field trip” idea. After visiting a few times and trying to describe the overwhelming enormity of it, I realized everyone just had to see it for themselves…

Chris is Amped !!!!!!!

Is this Eyecandy or Duck Dynasty ?

A picture is worth a thousand words ? Even if we took a million photos … Or compiled a five thousand page list of what is there, who made this machine, painted this, artists names, how old it is, bla bla bla… it would never do it justice. We really can’t say enough good stuff about the museum, the machine/supply shop, Jimmy, or Lucky’s staff in general. If ever you are anywhere near Tampa, make it happen. Or like us… Go specifically to see the museum. You will thank us later.

You can’t be an hour from Disney and just not go. Too much fun !!!!

So it ended up the week we picked to go to Lucky’s, was Star Wars week at Disney. Lagniappe !!!

Spaceballs ?

We saw this car at a gas station outside Disney. The people had no idea their shoe polish window art had been victim to a vandal. Pure genius ! They just carved a bit of Mickey’s belly off, left a little bump for his tallywacker, then smeared some polish off the castle in a faint ark of mouse pee… voila !!!